At Louis Place, we’re writing together

Journalist? Scholar? Professional writer? Rediscover your love of creative writing, dig deep to find new imaginative streams and gullies, and—because it’s your job—join us to draft, revise, and set intentions for your professional work. 

Journaler? Casual writer? Between projects? Daily writing will spark ideas that were simmering beneath the surface. Need help getting the juices flowing? We’ve got you: a little prompt is posted daily.

Visual artist? Performance artist? Experimental writer? Find rigorous feedback and ongoing support specifically for your writing with a community who will actually read it. Enjoy meaningful conversation with writers from all backgrounds and disciplines. Connect with other artist-writers during weekly office hours. And have fun with our prompts, many of which were inspired by our favorite artists who write.

Novelist? Poet? Nonfiction writer? Trudging away at that book? There’s only one way to write it: one word at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. Daily writing provides the essential scaffold to support that groundbreaking novel or shattering memoir or feature screenplay or experimental everything. A thousand words a day until December? The end is within reach. Let’s get there together.

Join us.