Here’s what you’ll get.

Daily co-writing

9 co-writing sessions per week 

You get to write with us once a week, twice a week, every day, as often as you’d like. Our co-writing time is quiet and focused—no distracting music, no chitchat, just holding space and showing up for each other as we work (brief prompts provided, for those days when you need a boost). Starting this September: write with us.


Generative writing sessions

You get to enroll in any or all of our twelve faculty-led generative writing classes. Orbit is designed for beginners as well as experienced writers, and is grounded in practical tools we’ve built through decades of education experience. Classes meet once a month, and include optional assignments. The next Orbit workshop begins just after Labor Day. Join us.


Peer feedback, when you need it

You get access to our monthly peer workshop to give and get feedback. Ready for workshop? We’re ready for you. Submit 10-25 pages to be carefully matched with a small group of like-minded peers to exchange rigorous feedback.  With monthly Trajectory cohorts, you can engage in close reading with other writers in exchange for careful feedback of your own work—every single time you’re ready. We assemble new cohorts for peer critique every month. The next Trajectory session begins in September. Join us.

Shoot the shit with us

For intention-setting and idea-sharing

You get to join your hosts for weekly support, feedback, and exchange. We’ll share strategies for getting things done and brainstorm together about the challenges you’re facing in your creative work. 


You get to access our growing library of writing prompts inspired by our literary heroes (Harryette Mullen, Gregg Bordowitz, Percival Everett, and so many more). We’ve even made follow-along video and audio sessions, so that you can recreate the experience of a guided generative writing class at home.

You get to join occasional private conversations with guest writers. Chat freely about daily habits, revision techniques, muddling through the long middle of a project, and more.

You get to seek, find, review, and share your favorite resources, tools, and opportunities
in the online community.

All on our private, distraction-free network of fellow travelers. No thirst-traps, no exes, no weird uncles, no gratuitous abs, no distractions: just a community gathering place for us. 

Sliding scale membership fee

We’ve thought about this a lot, and have decided that a monthly membership fee, charged on a sliding scale to enable everyone to participate, is the best way to ensure that we can build a group of people who are committed to their work, and also to ensure that we’re able to give this community the attention and love it deserves. Monthly membership options range from $37 to $67/month.

The opportunity to choose among several price options is an experiment. We're confident that those who join us are committed to being part of a creative crew that is diverse, committed to economic justice, and ready to explore new models for supporting each other (because the old models are unsupportable).

If you need this community, we will support you. If you want to join at a different membership fee, please apply and let us know. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who needs this community is able to connect.

We believe that the generative writing tools, access to peer feedback, a daily accountability community, and many other resources of at Louis Place are more than worth this investment in yourself. For the price of a single traditional writing workshop or a few hours of consulting, you can have access to an entire year of resources and support. You may also find that there’s real financial benefit to the clarity and productivity that result from your regular writing practice. 

Join us today.