Is this a Facebook group? Slack channel?
Nope, at Louis Place is a private online community, accessible on desktop or with a mobile app (iOS / Android). You’ll be invited to make an account if your application is accepted.

I’m not a published writer, but I like writing. Is at Louis Place for me? Who’s in the crew?
We believe that everyone who writes is a writer. If you’re serious about writing and participating in a community of writers, join us.  

When do Orbit workshops meet?
Orbit workshops take place the first week of every month. The schedule will vary in response to the needs of our geographically diverse community; details will be published in advance. If you can’t make every live session, you’ll have access to follow-along audio so that you can complete the material on your own. 

What time are co-writing sessions?
8am EST, Monday through Friday; 2pm EST Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Join once a week, twice a week, twice a day—as often as you’d like. Our co-writing time is quiet and focused—no distracting music, no chitchat, just holding space and showing up for each other as we work.

What if your co-writing times don’t fit my schedule?
Fortunately, there are lots of reasons to join the community at Louis Place, like the Orbit generative writing class, the Trajectory peer workshops, the weekly group chats, and the community devoted to your success in meeting your writing goals. Of course, you are also welcome to share scheduling feedback; as our community grows, we hope to add new sessions in response to input from the group. . 

Is there a commitment? Can I cancel anytime?
We are all about creating as much freedom as possible. All subscriptions are month-to-month. You control the date and amount of your contribution. You can cancel whenever you’d like.

Other questions?
Email us anytime!