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My name is Quincy Flowers. Since 2003, I have raised a daughter, worked one full-time teaching job after another, taken family vacations, defended a doctoral dissertation, and lived through countless daily distractions. But every day, I spend time with my book. I can’t help it: over the years, I’ve become addicted to my own imagination—and it’s the most rewarding place in the world to be.

Of course, writing alone isn’t always enough. Fellowship with others who share my goals has been a critical part of my creative journey. Finding a community of other writers and makers—first at NYU, where I studied creative writing and literature, and later at the University of Houston, where I completed my PhD—empowered me to get beyond my writing idols and reckon with the conditions of my own time.

During the last ten years, I’ve taught writing classes and workshops in many traditional contexts—elite universities, community colleges, and adult workshops. But there’s nothing I love more than working with and learning alongside a committed, intergenerational community of peers. I may be tired of participating in top-down, hierarchical models of “teaching,” but I remain incredibly committed to spaces where learning and growing happens.

Some argue that mapping out the perfect plan is the way to go. I’m a supporter of journeying through the weeds and into the thicket. I love getting lost in ideas in order to find a new path—my own. Finding a balance between writing and sharing has allowed me to fly, buoyed by the energy generated by daily writing, secure in the knowledge that my creative community will ground my next steps.
Join us.