Is at Louis Place right for you?

Yes, at Louis Place is a good fit if:

✌🏾 You’ve got big (writing) dreams—but need accountability and a diverse, committed group of fellow-travelers to cheer those dreams into fruition.

✌🏾 You can imagine your future, 100,000+ words richer by 2021—and it looks bright as hell ☀️.

✌🏾 When you envision your dream daily routine—eating, working, laughing, moving your body, resting your body, and WRITING—you feel the peace, liberation, and satisfaction that comes with finally achieving the consistency you seek in your creative life.

✌🏾 You’re tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on one-off workshops that leave you stranded, without resources, without routine, and without community, after four or six or eight weeks—right where you started.

✌🏾 You want to join an affirmative, diverse, intergenerational writing community that centers Black voices, experimental thought, and deep play, all in the service of our collective political liberation.

✌🏾 You want the option to gain regular access to meaningful feedback on your latest writing work. You’re excited to generously contribute to a rigorous, idea-driven, workshop exchange that is rooted in reciprocity and support rather than nitpicking or grandstanding. .
No, at Louis Place is NOT for you if:

👎🏾 You want to be surrounded exclusively by writers with exactly the same training and goals as you. At Louis Place is intentionally interdisciplinary; we embrace hybridity, exploration across genres, and the mess of experimentation, curiosity, and play. This diverse writing community is not a good fit if you’re only interested in connecting with those who share your exact genre conventions and concerns. 

👎🏾 You must have regular feedback on your work right away, but you’re not able to give as much as you get.

👎🏾 You’re not excited to be part of a community that centers Black voices and revolutionary dreams.

👎🏾 You’re looking for a high-pressure, high-stakes, competitive writing environment. At Louis Place is a comfortable place for writers to work, exchange feedback, and learn from others at their own pace.