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December 2020

At Louis Place is a community for writers. All activities are open to every writer in our community. Here’s a selection:

We write together for an hour or two every day (8-9am EST Monday through Friday; 2-3pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday). Not everyone can join us every day. Some of our writers don’t participate in daily writing at all. For others, quiet daily cowriting is an important anchor.

We shoot the shit every Monday sometime between 9am and 9pm EST. Topics for these casual conversations emerge from the community. For example:

Shooting the shit: Research strategies—Family interviews

Monday, December 14

5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Have you been thinking about interviewing your family over the holidays? Are you working on a project that requires research with families, neighbors, or close friends? Or have you done it before and have tips you want to share with us? Let's shoot the shit about family research, interview strategies, and more. RSVP always optional.

We host monthly generative writing sessions led by Quincy as well as occasional special guest sessions. For example:

December retreat

Monday, December 14

About half of us link up with small groups—we call these Trajectory—for “workshop,” for accountability, or a little bit of each. All groups are interdisciplinary and include a mix of writers from different backgrounds. We call the groups Trajectory, and we’ve got something for folks in almost every time zone, including weekdays and weekends. We’re currently running five groups meeting weekly and one group meeting monthly. We’re planning to add a couple of new groups in November.

We create a weekly roundup of prompts and reflections from writers, articles, and events discussed in the community. For now, these live in our online hub. However, we’re going to share them with everyone soon—sign up for our mailing list (below) to be the first to know. 


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