Dear writers,

We're growing! at Louis Place is excited to announce that we're looking for someone to join us in stewarding this incredible community of writers this year. Read on for more information, and feel free to share with your networks.

at Louis Place seeks a part-time community co-coordinator.
$30/hr, est. 10-15 hours/week

About at Louis Place

at Louis Place is a home for writers. Through virtual programs—a weekly letter, daily co-writing, generative writing workshops, special events, and regular writing groups—we share inspiration, professional resources, and support.

Our intergenerational, independent community writes together for pleasure, liberation, and rigor. We are journalists, technical writers, scholars, translators, poets, artists who write, morning pages writers, writers who rarely publish their work in print, writers who mostly write through movement or music, writers who mostly write emails, writers who mostly write grant and residency applications so that they may one day have time to write something else, writers who are mostly plotting the revolution, and every other kind of writer.

at Louis Place is a community-sustained, choose-your-price, values-driven project. We are actively exploring options for formally organizing and growing our resources.

You can read more about us at our website,, or by signing up for our weekly letter.

About the position

at Louis Place is a labor of love convened by Quincy Flowers and Steffani Jemison since September 2020. We are very excited to welcome a coordinator to share with us the privilege and responsibility of stewarding this rich community.

We’re specifically looking for a person who can take the lead on all tasks relating to communication with (listening to and learning from) everyone who writes at Louis Place. The right person is a writer who is excited to help us create a welcoming, supportive space for all those who want to join us. For now, the community co-coordinator is a freelance, contract position.

The community co-coordinator will:
  • Respond to inquiries from passers-by who are interested in writing at Louis Place;
  • Manage thoughtful, welcoming communication to writers who join the community;
  • Support all writers at Louis Place—new and returning—as they look for their fellow-travelers, interlocutors, colleagues, and friends through the forms we've developed together last year and new ones yet to emerge;
  • Work with us to coordinate communication with at Louis Place writers about upcoming and ongoing programs and opportunities; and
  • Occasionally host casual Shooting the Shit conversations connected to their areas of interest

And our little team will work together to:
  • Ensure the safety (emotional, physical) of everyone who participates in our virtual community;
  • Create a welcoming environment for potential writers, clearly articulating our offerings to those who don’t know us yet; and
  • Continually review, re-imagine, and refine our current programs to ensure they are helping writers achieve their goals.

Are you who we’re looking for? 🙏🏾 The right person:
  • is a confident, comfortable writer, listener, and community builder;
  • loves to stay organized and can work with our communication tools or propose their own favorites;
  • is familiar with the joys and complexities of facilitating a community (maybe you gained this experience professionally, in  a past job, or maybe you gained it personally, in relation to a community in which you are a part)
  • can commit to a medium-term or longer (we’re hoping for a nine-month minimum commitment) part-time position, estimated at 10-15 hours a week to start (perhaps more or less);
  • lives anywhere or everywhere in the world (we work primarily between 9 and 6 EST, and most programs and groups meet in the evenings between 6 and 9 EST);
  • understands the importance of centering black voices and black lives;
  • believes in horizontally and democratically supporting ALL creative people regardless of education or employment status;
  • shares our commitment to challenging ableism and increasing access in every decision; and
  • is ready to bring their strengths and best self to this community rooted in generosity, friendship, and love

How to apply

Please send a letter describing your skills and strengths to

Feel free to include a résumé or CV or link to your site or anything else that might be helpful. We recognize that what you bring to our community will not necessarily be reflected in the job titles you’ve held before or the degrees you’ve earned years ago.

We will begin reviewing applications September 15 and continue until the position is filled. Every application will be acknowledged. We will follow up for one or several conversations with those whose strengths seem to best match our needs. If we have questions, we may also want to speak to someone who knows you well (we’ll let you know later if we need a reference).

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out at

Thank you so much!

Steffani and Quincy