Covid-19 Policy

As we enter a season of greater incidence of Covid-19 in New York City, we are requiring everyone who attends Close Encounters to test negative for Covid-19 by rapid test on the morning of the event. We will have rapid Covid tests available on-site for those who need them.


Indoor masking is required throughout the day. We will have masks available on-site for those who need them. Air purifiers, window ventilation, and social distancing are additional measures we will be taking to reduce the risk of Covid-19 exposure. Meals will be served outdoors with some space heating and blankets available. For those who wish to eat unmasked indoors, or to take a mask break, we will have a room dedicated for this purpose.

♿  Wheelchairs and Mobility:

The Arts and Letters buildings and terrace can be accessed by wheelchair from the garage to the left of our administrative entrance at 633 West 155 Street. There is an elevator, sized 36 inches deep and 34 inches wide, that reaches all levels of the building. Please note that the slopes of the garage entrance (14%) and hallway to the elevator (18%) are steeper than the ADA recommended maximum.

All-gender wheelchair-accessible restrooms are available on all floors, and ramps from our buildings open onto the Arts and Letters terrace. We have wheelchairs on-site for visitors to use.

Visitors must traverse one external step and six internal stairs to reach our administrative offices from the street if not using the garage entrance for wheelchair access. 

Register for the event here and let us know your needs.

A video showing the route to our wheelchair entrance at 633 W. 155 Street.

Photos of our wheelchair accessible bathrooms:

The stall bathroom on the first floor, equipped with back and side handrails.

The single-room bathroom on the second floor, equipped with back and side handrails.