I’m new to writing. Is this event for me?
at Louis Place welcomes writers of all ages and experiences. This event is for you, whatever stage you are at with writing.

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Bring whatever writing tools you need, whether that is pen and paper, or a laptop. Our dedicated writing spaces for the day are quiet spaces, so if you listen to music when you write, please bring headphones. If you write by other means –– recording your voice, for example –– let us know, and we will work with you to find a space to do so. We will have extension cords and surge protectors to multiply the availability of power throughout our spaces, though for greatest flexibility of where you work, we recommend bringing a fully charged laptop if you are writing with a computer.

I’ve never been to the American Academy of Arts and Letters before. What should I expect of the spaces?
Close Encounters will take place over two floors of Arts and Letters’s historic South Building. These include a wood paneled Library and Members’ Room, a spacious beaux-arts style gallery, and three additional galleries. There will be several different types of rooms to write in, as well as a brick terrace for those who wish to walk, move, or be outside.

I’m coming alone. Will it be awkward if I don’t know anyone?
We care about creating a space where everyone feels welcome. There will be opportunities for you to meet other writers, or to work in a more solitary way if that’s your preference. We anticipate that most participants will be coming to Arts and Letters for the very first time.

Can I come for part of the day?
You can come for some or all of the day.

The $15 registration fee is a lot for me. Are scholarships available?
We do not want writers to face a financial burden to attend this event, and scholarships are available. Please reach out to Jenny Jaskey, jjaskey [at] artsandletters [dot] org, and let us know how we can help.

What languages are available for this event?
All of the group activities will be conducted in English. If you need CART, ASL interpretation, or other communication needs, please let us know on the registration form, and we will make sure your access needs are met.

I have access needs I don’t see addressed here. Who can I talk to?
The best place to let us know about your access needs is on the registration form. If you’d like to be in touch with someone directly, please reach out to Nick Fernandez and the curatorial team of Arts and Letters by phone: 212-368-5900 or e-mail: nfernandez [at] artsandletters [dot] org.

I can’t make this event, but I’m interested in learning more about at Louis Place. How can I get involved?
You can learn more about at Louis Place here.

I can’t make this event, but I’m interested in learning more about upcoming programs at Arts and Letters. Who should I contact?
Arts and Letters looks forward to welcoming visitors to its galleries for year-round exhibition programming in Fall 2024. To join its mailing list, e-mail academy [at] artsandletters [dot] org.